Student House Copenhagen – what to know and how to get one

nice student house in Copenhagen close to Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen is a popular city, overflowing with a rich culture of history, art and sports as well as pedestrian streets filled with local shops and brands, a lively nightlife, an exquisite restaurant scene and much more! It is therefore no wonder, that many young people flock to the city, to either begin their studies – both local Danish students and international students alike have fallen for the charming city. Finding a Copenhagen student apartment or student house Copenhagen area-wise, is of course crucial to starting life in the popular city and following are some tips on how to give yourself the best conditions when starting your Copenhagen student housing endeavor!

The Copenhagen student housing situation and how to deal with it

Many international students who are planning to have a year or semester abroad choose Copenhagen for the aforementioned reasons and since there are no official dorms in Copenhagen owned by the universities, the process of finding student house in Copenhagen can seem a bit unmanageable. There are a variety of options though, so whether or not you want your own personal studio or to live side by side with other students, finding a Copenhagen student accommodation should be possible if you put in a bit of work.
Finding student house in Copenhagen or any other capital can of course be a tiring experience in general but with a few tips and some guiding it is possible to find your very own Copenhagen student apartment.

How to find a student house in Copenhagen

When looking for student house in Copenhagen, it can be a good idea to make an overview and collect information on the various dorms in Copenhagen, as well as a list of the many student apartments Copenhagen has to offer. Next, it is all about knowing your own preferences, so you can identity the Copenhagen student housing situation that best fits your needs. Having an overview of preferred parts of the city can also be a good idea – perhaps you want to live close to your place of study or your job, or maybe you want to prioritize living close to nature or right in the middle of the city. Whether you have a to find a place within a certain budget is also important to look into. When you have assembled your list, the only thing left is to start applying and hopefully you will have your very own Copenhagen student apartment in no time.